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Engineers at Ford have taken inspiration from Nestle's Aero chocolate bar to produce lightweight MuCell (aka microcellular plastic foam) plastic parts by injecting them with gas bubbles during the manufacturing process. The injection of gas creates a honeycomb structure with a cross-section that closely resembles that of the tasty sweet and, more important, the bubbles mean that less plastic is required. Ford says that the MuCell plastic – thanks to its reduced weight – improves fuel

Lamborghini's Advanced Composite Research Center – Click above for high-res image gallery

As the automotive industry continually searches for methods to reduce weight from vehicles, even the lowly seat has finally gotten itself a makeover. Lear Technologies claims that its new Evolution Seat can cut weight by as much as 25 pounds while maintaining all the bum-cushioning comforts afforded by a traditional seat. Lear claims that the seat integrates seven patented technologies that combine to offer a safe, environmentally friendly place to plunk yourself into for a ride.