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Shell introduces Ecobox; motor oil container that reduces plastic waste by 89%

Back in 1965, a winemaker in Australia had a novel idea. He decided that wine in a bottle was wasteful in many ways and thus came forward with the invention of boxed wine. While some applauded his innovative thinking, wine purists thought that the invention was all kinds of evil (but it did set up a nice joke on Arrested Development one time). 45 years later, Shell Lubrica

Bill Ford and Alan Mullaly vow to take 30% pay cuts

The day after Ford and the UAW reached a tentative retiree health care deal (General Motors and Chrysler are still negotiating), the leaders of the Dearborn, Michigan, automaker have announced that they will be taking a 30 percent reduction in salaries over the next two years. A memo, signed by Ford Executive Chairman William Ford Jr. and Chief Executive Alan Mulally, addresses the pay

The Prius may not be the best way to cut energy costs

People who drive a Toyota Prius or some other hybrid car can potentially save a lot of money in operating costs. However, it may not be the most effective way to cut energy consumption and expenses for everyone. Bloomberg has published an interesting article on some of the alternative ways of spending your transportation dollars that might save even more. From a dollars and sense perspective, a driv

F1 engine ban reduced to 5 years, new formula expected within 2

At a meeting called by the FIA in Paris, the principals of each team agreed that a ten year ban was too long, but begun discussions on how costs could be curbed in the sport. Rather than continue imposing half-measures aimed at reducing costs, most of the teams agreed that the FIA should actually reduce costs by instituting an overall budget cap, as many had suggested... Autoblog inclu