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While the Mythbusters are often accused of being less than scientific in the process of doing their experiments and demonstrations, no such accusations can be thrown at Red Green. Science has absolutely no place in Red's demonstrations. Nonetheless, I think he does a commendable job of demonstrating the viability of corn as a vehicle fuel in this demonstration. With a bucket of water, a bag of sugar and a battery powered garbage disposal, Green shows how to turn your car or truck into a rolling

Am I the only person in the world that had never heard of "The Red Green Show"? I was the only person today that I asked that had never heard of it. Did I live a sheltered life? Anyway, after finding out that this is a show about a man who loves duct tape, fixing things, breaking things and the like, I found this clip where he replaces his gas guzzling van for a small electric car which he proceeds to convert to solar power. This is obviously not a real conversion, but I did think it was funny a