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Luxury automaker could become the Red Bull team's title sponsor

Luxury automaker could become the Red Bull team's title sponsor.

Four in a row for Hamilton, five British Grand Prix victories in all.

The wake crane project took place in Croatia. A trio of pro wake boarders to hit speeds of 37 MPH while being pulled by a harbor crane. Teaming up with red bull to create the wake boarding course.

It was Hamilton's 54th career win and a record fifth in Shanghai.

The Briton eased his Mercedes across the line 6.2 seconds ahead of Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel.

More downforce and more speed mean more excitement. Hopefully.

A new rulebook for Formula 1 in 2017 has led to completely new designs from every constructor taking part in the sport. Here's a look at all of them.

The team includes some big-name partner companies.

The details of this carbon-fiber monster are finally coming into focus.

The Halo didn't make it to the starting grid in 2017, and might not be there in 2018.

Red Bull's wunderkind Max Verstappen hit the slopes of the famous Streif ski course in Kitzbuhel, Austria in a specially modified F1 car.

Mercedes-AMG Petronas mints another one-two at the 2016 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix as well as a new World Champion.

Max Verstappen set the rain-soaked Brazilian Grand Prix on fire while most other drivers simply tried to finish.

The first five laps and last five laps of the 2016 Mexican Grand Prix defined the entire race.

Electricity "will never replace" gasoline entirely, says Red Bull.

Nico Rosberg did what he needed to do at the 2016 US Grand Prix to maintain his position in the Formula 1 Driver's Championship, but Lewis Hamilton closed the gap and keeps himself in the hunt.

They were full of something more potent than beer though.

Acceleration and braking that will rearrange your organs nicely.

Of the 175 units, 150 are for the road and 25 for the track. We're talking rare.

The current Australian, former Formula One Driver, is hanging up the helmet.

The door to the Formula 1 Driver's Championship closed a little more on Lewis Hamilton after a pass-happy Japanese Grand Prix. The Briton has a historic hurdle to climb in order to three-peat as World Champion.

If you want to win in racing, you sweat each single part of the car.

The 2016 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix started and ended with bangs - one more literal than the other. In between, differing race strategies mixed up the field and almost mixed up the end of the race.

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