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Video: Chrysler adopts recycled foam for 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee seats

Making Chrysler's foam seats – Click above to watch video Sam Abuelsamid

Ford goes green the old fashioned way, by recycling

It's been a while since Ford produced vehicles with wood as a primary building material, or even as a dashboard accent. So you wouldn't really think of Ford as being a big consumer of virgin timber. But what about millions, literally millions of owners manuals, warranty booklets, sales brochures and even internal corporate-printed pieces? It all adds up to a virtual forest. So, Ford has announced plans to cut down on its tree-cutting.

Starting Early: Cub Scouts build derby cars from recycled materials

It's never too early to begin teaching kids the merits of an eco-friendly lifestyle. This point was driven home by members of Cub Scouts packs 294 and 261, who were recently tasked with the responsibility of creating full-size derby carts completely from recycled materials. Says Patrick Martin, leader of Cub Scout Pack 261:

VW MK VI Golf made from over 40% recycled materials

Click for a high-res gallery of the new VW Golf

Recycled Ford MPV travelling world as 'Galaxyman'

As we previously reported, the automobile is one of the most recycled products in use today. While most vehicles have their parts transplanted into new vehicles or converted into fuel, some become works of art.