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Hiring new engineers in the auto industry is always something of a gamble. Just because someone coming out of school has a 4.0 GPA, it doesn't mean that they are well suited to the day-to-day problem solving and innovation required of a modern engineer. In the past, a lot of new engineers were recruited through co-operative education programs or internships where companies got see students work first hand. However, cost cutting efforts in recent years have caused these programs to be curtailed.

Based on the claims Porsche as made about the hybrid system that they have developed for the upcoming Panamera and next generation Cayenne, they seem to be pretty advanced as far as parallel setups go. However, Porsches currently burn enough gasoline to be a serious problem with the new European CO2 limits. As a result the German manufacturer is actively recruiting engineers with experience on hybrid systems to help develop new state of the art hybrid technology. The company is evidently running