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Will we ever replace the standard rear- and side-view mirror?

Recently, we received the following question from a reader:

Check Your Rear: NHTSA compiles backup death statistics

Technology has brought about a great deal of advancements in new vehicles over the last few years. There are some electric nanny aids that many of us do without, but there are others, like rear backup cameras and warning systems, that proponents suggest could save lives. How many? If the National Hi

Only Honda: New i-SRS Airbag System and Bird's Eye camera

What other automaker would spend the time and expense of developing a new airbag just because, you know, airbags could be better? The same one who developed a new rail car for the same reason. The Japanese automaker has developed a new airbag it claims will give drivers better protection in accidents. The shaped bag uses a spiral seam to induce more even inflation, which provides a large