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Porsche 911 tackles snow like a beast at ice-driving camp

When it comes to the mysteries of handling weight transfers in the iconic Porsche, the ice holds answers.

The 911's rear-bias also shows a happy application on the slalom. That weight in the rear makes for exuberant pendulum turns.

Production VW up! may drop rear engine and RWD

Click above to view high-res gallery of the Volkswagen Space up!

Rendered speculation: VW's rear-engine City Expert

Start counting down to 2010, and while you're at it, save your Euros. No official images of VW's much discussed City Expert exist, but Germany's Focus Online has a rendering that shows what a cleverly-packaged entry level Volkswagen could look like.

Audi R4 and NSU TT: Is Ingolstadt readying new mid-engine models?

It may be the case that Audi's foray into the midtacular* world of mid-engine cars won't end with the new R8 super sports car. German outlet Autobild claims that Audi is considering a smaller mid-engine sports car called the R4 that would obviously make life a little harder for the Porsche Cayman and Boxster. It's also claiming that Audi may revive the rear/mid-engine NSU TT, the car after which the current TT was named. The original