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RR Of The Day: Merkur XR4Ti

Merkurs are some of our favorite cars. Flickr pool member sncollins has a nice '88 XR4Ti he's been wheeling around for the last 20,000 miles or so. Powered by the tough-as-nails 2.3 liter turbocharged four that also saw service under the hood of SVO Mustangs and other Fox-platform cars, even a stock XR4Ti is a hoot. Of course, with the owner being an engineering student and car guy, this XR4Ti didn't stay stock for long. The nice thing about the Merkurs is their chassis was far more modern than

Return of the RR of the Week: Poll Results

Our 2007 kickoff week for the Reader Ride of the Day was one of the best in recent memory and we can't tell you how good it was to bring back our favorite daily feature.

RR of the Day: 2002 Suzuki Aerio SX

We'll admit that the Suzuki Aerio SX is not on the short list of cars that leap to mind when we think of autocrossing, so you can imagine our surprise when we saw Flickr member SuziesLover's Aerio 5-door uploaded for RRotD consideration this week. The story goes like this: the Aerio was purchased in '02 with the intent of turning it into a show car. As such, SuziesLover began hooking it up with all the expected mods. A carbon fiber hood, boomin' 500-watt audio system, and other assorted gadgetry

RR of the Day: Telstar Logistics fleet vehicle

Nobody likes paying parking tickets or having their car vandalized by a gang of vagrant teens. Only some of us, however, would go as far as this guy to prevent those things from happening. Known only in Flickr by the name Telstar Logistics, this man has dressed up his 1999 Jeep Cherokee to look like a work vehicle for his ficticious company of the same name. In order to look as official as possible, the vehicle is equipped with fake Telstar Logistics logos, fleet vehicle numbering, rear safety s

RR of the Day: Volvo a go-go

Welcome to the inaugural Autoblog Reader Ride of the Day post, henceforth to be known as the RR of the Day. Let us kick things off by first saying thank you to everyone who visited our Flickr group and uploaded pics of their ride. It's apparent even now this is going to be the most fun post of the day to produce, and we will be choosing a RR to feature on Autoblog every single weekday. After reviewing the first batch of rides, we only have one request: more details about your ride, plea