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EVA/DC booth at EDTA 2010 – Click above for a high-res image gallery

A few years ago, a video of Tom Hanks excitedly talking up his electric Scion xB (aka eBox, which he got first) made the rounds. All Hanks' Hollywood money means that he can drive and be excited about not just one, but multiple electric cars. Hanks recently went on the record to discuss his EV fandom as he cleared up a mistake in a New Yorker article. Writer Peter Boyer apparently mistakenly wrote that Hanks once owned an EV1. Hanks, who stars in the new movie Angels & Demons that opens this

Maybe that $32,600 RAV4 EV wasn't such an anomaly. Another of these all-electric SUVs has popped up on eBay and the Buy It Now price is just $35,000. It wasn't that long ago that $60,000+ was pretty standard for one of these vehicles. So, either the economy is taking its toll on eBay sales, (relatively) low gas prices are making people less likely to spend big bucks on an EV, or these are two examples that do not make a trend. In any case, the real interesting bit is that the buy it now price ha

Click above for a gallery of the $32,600 RAV4 EV

If you want to find out how absolutely awesome the RAV4-EV, Toyota's all-electric vehicle that was avaible in the late 1990s and early 2000s, is, all you have to do to is talk to someone who still drives one today. We've heard from a lot of people who swear by these aging rides, and wouldn't trade them for anything, today or tomorrow.

Another RAV4 EV is up on eBay. The last time one of these rare fully electric cars was put up on the auction block it sold for nearly $70,000. It was a 2002 with less than 50,000 miles on it. This time it's a 2003 model. The 2003 was stripped of a few perks. No heated front seats, and no heated front windshield for defrosting. But the battery was said to be improved for the last model year the car was made. And the car being sold has shown its chops; it already has over 125,000 miles on the orig

We've been following the saga of a 2001 Toyota RAV4 EV that came up for auction on eBay and sold for a record-setting (as far as we know) bid of $89,200. Unfortunately, for the seller, monkeydude12, the winning bidder backed out and, according to ABG commenter Yanquetino, a message appeared on the auction stating that the seller had received a message from the original winning bidder stating that, "I am sorry about the bid my husband placed on this item. He thought he retraced it but I guess he

it may not be the most original take on the question of why we don't have a robust EV infrastructure in America today, but Michael Kanellos's post over on CNET on just who killed the electric car is nonetheless a very good read.

I don't think I'm going to spoil this auction for anyone by mentioning it on our site here. These things get a life of their own.

I like to keep an eye on eBay motors and see what some of the full-fledged electric cars sell for there (there's not enough time in the day to keep up with, say, the biodiesel items). It'd be nice to see ebay motors implement an electric vehicle category to scan these types of vehicles for sale easier, but until then, my process is an unscientific way to see how interested people are in EVs. The two most popular vehicles that pop up are Ford Ranger EVs and RAV4 EVs, mostly because they're pretty

At the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, we find a microcosm of what could be the future of garages. Under the cover of the "SolarPort" resides as many as 39 Toyota RAV4 EVs. They charge their batteries using nothing but the sun's power captured by solar panels on the roof. The excess power they generate is routed to the Civic Auditorium, offsetting their electric bill each month, and since they generate 44,400 Kilowatt-hours of power per year (for comparison, the average house uses 4000-8000 KW-ho

Once or twice a month, it seems, an old EV makes its way to eBay. Currently, there are two of the best-known electric vehicles of recent times are on the auction site (good luck finding an EV1 on there), with about a week left before each auction ends. Here's the skinny on each.

Well, well, well. Who says you can't buy a Toyota RAV4 EV anymore? Earlier this month, a RAV4 EV sold on eBay for a paltry $46,000 (down from earlier RAV4 EV auctions that sold for over $60,000). Now there's another of these electric beauties on offer. This particular all-electric SUV is in Los Angeles, California and is currently bid up to abotu $16,000.

Say what you want about electric cars, they can go for a pretty penny on eBay. Recently, electric versions of Toyota's RAV4 have sold for $60,000-$70,000 (way up from the original list price of around $40,000, which also got ten grand or so in tax credits). There's another of these electric SUVs currently for sale on the site. The auction ends Oct. 25 and has been bid up to $11,000 already. This car has under 34,000 miles and the nickel-metal hydride batteries can be expected to last for aroun

The ever-elusive electric RAV4 has once again shown its face. You can set your sights on one of the last of the major automakers' electric vehicles that still run wild in the streets in this eBay auction (by the way, did you know that Microsoft Word will tell you that Ebay is spelled wrong, but eBay is correct? Who took the time to program that into the Word dictionary?). This RAV4 EV currently has a bid of $35,000, but the reserve is not met (the Buy It Now price is $65,000, which is about on p

Why does this story seem like déjà vu? Lessees of the tiny Nissan Hypermini vehicles were disappointed in Nissan's decision to take back the vehicles when the leases expired and blocked the truck that came to pick up the Hyperminis. If you've seen "Who Killed The Electric Car?" then perhaps you're imaging the scene where the EV1 drivers block the truck in the film. The difference here is that the lessees were not passionate individuals but the city council of Pasadena, CA. To block

When I went to Santa Monica the other day to cover the Tesla Roadster unveiling, I went for a walk late at night once I was finished with work. While wandering along the Santa Monica pier, I came across a Toyota RAV4 EV, and thought that the strange city lights would make for some good pictures. I like the sign that says "No Parking Any Time. Electric Vehicles Exempt". I've traveled a fait bit, but I've never seen an EV charging station. Maybe California really is ahead of the game. I also got a