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GM earns higher credit rating with new labor deal

General Motors recently came to an agreement with the United Auto Workers on a new contract, and it appears at least one ratings agency likes the fine print. Automotive News reports that Standard & Poor's has raised GM's rating from BB- to BB+, while also giving the rating outlook a bump from "positive" to "stable." That ratings bump now makes GM one step below investment grade in the eyes of S&P.

Report: Top Gear USA premiers to middling viewership

At long last, American car nuts have a version of Top Gear to call our own. The project has been in the works for a long time now, and finally debuted on the History Channel this past Sunday. As we go to press server, some 17,500 readers responded to our poll: over 42 percent had already watched it, a few more said they intended to, and less than 14 percent of respondents s

VIDEO: Kia Soul aces Euro NCAP crash tests

Click above to watch the Kia Soul's Euro NCAP crash tests

Spoiled Brats: Forbes makes teen-car wishlist

No matter how dramatic your explanations of how you walked barefoot uphill in the snow both ways are, the fact remains that teenagers will at least need access to a car from time to time. Given that your youngun' will be talking on the phone, listening to the radio, text messaging, chewing gum and chatting with passengers (all while breaking graduated-licensing laws), you want to give him or her the best chances of surviving a possible crash. Better yet (especially for the passengers, w