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For those of you who may have face-planted from a stray cord at a publicly accessible electric vehicle charging station, you'll now have a place to air your grievances. As if the plug-in vehicle driving contingent wasn't Yelped-up enough, folks can now "rate" their local charging station.

Click above to watch the Kia Soul's Euro NCAP crash tests

Episode 18 of the Autoblog Green Podcast sees us reminiscing about the North American International Auto Show, recently passed in Detroit. We start with the reconfigured Saturn Vue Hybrid from AFS - the "extreme hybrid" claiming a narrowly defined150 mpg. AFS's claims point up the need for a new way to accurately rate mpg for hybrid and plugin powertrains. We touch on the Chrysler green trio, and Saturn's own Vue Two-Mode - one of three versions of the Vue that will have a flavor of hybrid power

We all make mistakes, but if I told you an article written by a Boston Globe editor (and then a correction by Toyota's Communications Vice President to that article) on something as simple as a car's MPG rating did not tell the whole truth, you might be surprised. That is the case and lets start with associate editor Derrick Jackson's article which says the the 2008 Toyota Sequoia "gets a reported 14 miles per gallon on streets and 14 mpg on highways." Communications VP Irv Miller writes on the

It's no secret that import models seem to do well in comparison tests performed by Consumer Reports. While some accuse CR of being biased against American metal, we've spent enough time with the Consumer Reports crew to know that they strive for objectivity in their tests. They actually purchase test vehicles straight from the dealer rather than using manufacturer supplied media vehicles, and their results over the past decade of testing just supports what we've all felt in our gut: General Moto