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Is rapeseed biodiesel worse for the environment than diesel?

As one might expect, Europe's biodiesel industry rejected the findings of a draft study showing that the cultivation of rapeseed for biodiesel is likely significantly worse for the environment than manufacturing conventional diesel, i.e., from petroleum.

Fendt announces new greener tractors

Although we haven't spoken too much about tractors, I think it's good to know that green technologies are improving these vehicles. Take this example, German tractor manufacturer Fendt has announced that its new lineup of Vario tractors which reach the Com III emission standards which come in effect next year. Not only does it improve emissions, but consumption. Fendt has installed a system which makes exhaust gases recirculate back to the combustion chamber. A new CVT-like transmission system a

Washington State farmers experiment with canola as biodiesel cash crop

Farmers in Washington State are experimenting with canola for biodiesel production as a new cash crop to supplement existing diary or vegetable crop income. Conditions in Snohomish County, which boasts cool temperatures, moist sea air and good soils, are proving to be so ideal for canola growing that yields are vastly outpacing European norms. Last year Snohomish County farmers averaged 158 gallons / 598 L of biodi

Eastern European biodiesel production up and up

Rapeseed fields yield biodiesel boom for Eastern Europe.

ABG POLL RESULTS: Biodiesel Feedstock

On the 17th January we posed the question "What will the majority of biodiesel be made from by 2010?", and asked you to vote for your favourite answer.

Chinese biodiesel industry unfazed by oil price falls

Biodiesel production is one of the new bull markets in China, with bright growth prospects and an environmental conscience. And, it is drawing in investors as production soars. Around Guangzhou in the nation's south, dozens of plants are reported under construction or already in production. The all-important feedstock question is being answered in a host of different way as well with imported palm oil, cooking