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Jaguar Land Rover wants hybrid tech partner

For Jaguar Land Rover, a dual-energy-source powertain requires a two-company investment. Word is, JLR is looking for a partner to develop a cleaner, better hybrid powertrain. The vehicle maker, long known for its SUVs and really heavy cars, is in discussions wit

Range Rover hybrids getting 40 mpg on Silk Road challenge drive

No, Land Rover's Range Rover hybrids can't drive on water. But they can survive some hardcore conditions. The hybrids are about half way through an intense "Silk Road" voyage from London to Mumbai and are surviving quite nicely, thank you very much.

Land Rover announces Range Rover hybrids

Big as they are with all their differentials and transfer cases, SUVs are arguably better suited towards hybrid propulsion than most vehicles. But one of the biggest names in the business has yet to go down that route. That is, until now.

Land Rover to field diesel-hybrid Range Rover and Sport models in US

Land Rover is expected to introduce a new diesel hybrid powertrain for use on the Range Rove

Report: Range Rover Sport PHEV prototypes take to the road, to debut by 2013

While Land Rover may be a bit behind the competition in regards to hybrid products, it hopes to make waves with its plug-in hybrid slated for production in 2013. Last year, Land Rover officially announced that it would begin work on a plug-in diesel electric version of the Range Rover Sport<

Autocar details Land Rover's hybrid plans

We've known for some time now that Land Rover was planning on getting into the hybrid game, but it appears that things are shaking out a bit differently than we had initially expected. It seems the automaker may not use a kinetic-energy flywheel system or the high-tech Electric Rear Axle Drive that has been

REPORT: Land Rover to launch LRX with hybrid drivetrain for 2011

Land Rover LRX Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery