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Lotus Engineering has reached an agreement with the Spanish Fagor Ederlan Group to develop and produce a small engine for use as a range extender in electric vehicles – a system similar to that found in the Chevrolet Volt. Lotus first showed its 1.2-liter inline-three engine at the Geneva Motor Show in the Evora 414E and Proton Emas concepts.

We knew it was too good to be true. Something about the Chevrolet Volt just didn't add up. How did General Motors, a corporate leviathan known showing very little forward thinking in the green car arena (except for the EV-1 experiment) manage to create a real contender in the EV market? The answer? They stole it from Daihatsu.

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The latest product of Lotus Engineering's ongoing development work on alternative drivetrains is a new engine custom designed for use as a range extender in electric drive vehicles. The engineers at Lotus have developed an optimized architecture using a mono-block layout that combines the cylinder head, exhaust manifold and cylinder block into a single casting. Such an architecture allows for lower weight and reduced cost which is critical to making range extended EVs or series hybrids economica

If you're a UK resident who is losing sleep, fretting that a sudden increase in the adoption of plug-in hybrid and electric cars might create the sudden need for additional power generation plants to support the load, we have news that should help you enjoy a good night's rest. According to just-completed studies, the grid in the UK already has what it takes to support a significant increase in the population of plug-in cars. The Land Rover-Jaguar led Range Extended Hybrid Electric Vehicle (REHE