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Two Wheels

Back in 1985, Frog Design chief Hartmut Esslinger took a break from his work concocting sleek boxes for Apple Computer to pen a modern take on the motorcycle. The resulting Rana – also known as the frog FZ750 – caused quite a stir and became the inspiration for the Honda Hurricane. Now, as the Rana is inducted into the SFMOMA, the firm has revisited two-wheeled transportation and released a sequel concept, the Rana2.

Although the Fiat 500 is made in Poland, Fiat is an Italian brand. What's something else that we associate with Italy? Pasta! Naturally, it was high time to put these two together. With headrests that look like ravioli and a gear stick that finishes in a giant "agniolotto," the Fiat 500 Giovanni Rana can't be more Italian (or weird). Don't miss that the car painted to look like freshly baked ciabatta and the pedals look like linguine.