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UK's Future Car Challenge cancelled, reflecting low interest in EVs

The 2013 edition of the UK's Future Car Challenge year has been cancelled. The shut down may be as much of a reflection of less-than-expected electric-vehicle interest in the UK as it is a result of a sponsor unexpectedly pulling out, according to UK's Autocar.

UK hybrid sales will dwarf demand for plug-in vehicles

UK hybrid sales will dwarf those of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as automakers work to meet ever-increasing emissions requirements during the next decade. The prediction was reported in Motor Trades Insight can came from a RAC (Royal Automobile Club) Foundation study.

EV sales would be spurred by more rental opportunities, UK report says

Electric vehicle makers like Nissan and Renault have long preached that giving more people the chance to drive a plug-in is key to spurring EV sales. Now, a UK report says that the best was to make this happen is to get more EVs into the rental market.

Renault wins RAC's Future Car Challenge in UK

Consider it a salute across the English Channel.

Britons glued to their cars. Mileage increases

According to a new study by the RAC Foundation, British drivers have risen in number and in mileage. Alternatives in public transport aren't improving much: the usage of bus transport has declined 13 percent since 1993 and 50 percent of Britons have never taken the bus. Train usage, on the other hand, has increased 40 percent, although more for occasional trips than for commuting.