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Power-train engineering consultant Ricardo is partnering with QinetiQ to try bring the cost of lithium ion batteries down so that they can be commercially viable. They have launched a two-year project called RED-LION (reduced cost lithium ion) to try and slash the cost of advanced batteries without degrading performance. In June of 2006 the companies showed off a diesel hybrid demonstrator based on a Citroen Berlingo van but it was acknowledged at the time that the extra cost of the hybrid syste

Sporting a 59 foot wingspan, the Qinetiq unmanned aerial vehicle is likely capable of setting a new world record for sustained unmanned flight. The previous record was set in 2001 by a jet-powered vehicle. The Qinetiq Zephyr, on the other hand, is powered by nothing but sunlight. The solar craft was able to stay airborne over the course of two nights using solar energy stored on-board during the day. The team in charge of the vehicle claims that it has stayed airborne for 54 hours, but this is n