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Chrysler Reports Small Profit For First Quarter Of 2013

Earnings could improve in the remainder of the year

Chrysler reported a small profit for the first quarter, reflecting lower shipments of vehicles to Europe and a slow down in production for the U.S. connected with new model launches. The company's overall outlook, though, remains positive as it moves toward a likely initial public offering.

Chrysler Group reports quadrupled Q1 profits on U.S. sales increase

Chrysler Group had nothing but good news to share this morning as it has reported its financial results for the first quarter of 2012. The headline-hogging number is that the automaker's first quarter profit quadrupled from $116 million a year ago to $473 million this year. All that was on the back of U.S. sales that increased 39 percent year-over-year. The rise in sales also resulted in Chrysler Group increasing its market share in the U.S. from 9.2 to 11.2 percent.

Audi to spin new Q1 crossover off A1 platform

Good things come in small packages. Or smaller packages, anyway, as Audi has been discovering with its SUV range. What started with the mammoth Q7 has since grown – or shrank – to include the smaller Q5 and the even smaller Q3, which was just confirmed for the North American market. Keen to capitalize on a positive trend, Audi has been rumored to be considering adding a Q1 to its line-up, details of which are now emerging.

First Drive: Rossion Q1 is a supercar for the slightly rich

Rossion Q1 – Click above for high-res image gallery

Bentley booming in first half of '07

First half sales reports have been rolling in and it looks like things are just peachy for the crew at Crewe. Bentley is reporting increased sales for the fourth year in a row. Sales were up nearly 19 percent compared to first-half '06, meaning 5,600 individuals called themselves new Bentley owners in the past six months. During that time, the company had its best month ever, delivering 1,200 Bentleys in March alone. Thanks in large part to the GTC and the new Brooklands, things are indeed good

Toyota posts higher than expected quarterly profits

Toyota has just released its earnings report for the quarter spanning April through June and the Japanese automaker has posted an operating profit of $4.45 billion. Toyota's profits even beat the optimistic projections of most analysts. Its North American outfit accounted for a little over $1.2 billion of the company's quarterly profit.

Breaking News: Ford records big first quarter loss

Ford Motor announced its first quarter financial results Friday, the first performance results of the "Way Forward" era, and it isn't pretty. The company recorded a net loss of $1.19 billion, compared to last year's profit of $1.21 billion.