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Pokemon Go led to hundreds of traffic deaths, study suggests

More deaths, more injuries in far more car crashes, Purdue researchers say

The spike in car crashes went away when the Pokemon craze faded.

Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013 winners wring 3,587 miles from one measly gallon

On a sunny, at times windy weekend in downtown Houston, TX, 131 vehicles competed in the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2013, racing round and round Discovery Green for two full days. All told, they used like a gallon of gasoline.

EnerDel still in battery business, now working with Purdue on li-ion research

You can't say EnerDel isn't still giving it the old college try.

Purdue study says corn stover better cellulosic ethanol candidate than switchgrass

A recent paper by Wally Tyner published by Purdue University shows that, at least for Corn Belt states (like Indiana), corn stover could be a better cellulosic ethanol source than switchgrass. The paper considers the cost and prospective profits of whether a farmer could decide to plant and sell corn and corn stover, or plant switchgrass. The answer is clear to the author: corn is more productive, the soil quality is low, in which case switchgrass becomes the winner. There is also a consideratio

Variable valve actuation and HCCI could yield 20% efficiency bump

Even with the inexorable move toward electrically driven cars in the next couple of decades, the internal combustion engine will remain with us for some time to come either as the primary powertrain on many vehicles or at least as an auxiliary power unit for series hybrid vehicles. Given that reality, researchers are working feverishly on ways to improve the