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Pump: The Movie, wants to crush America's addiction to oil

if you've ever felt like going to the gas station was in some ways similar to a junkie visiting a dealer, we've got the movie for you. Pump: The Movie is coming to theaters next month and it looks like it's going to put the addiction to oil message front and center. We like the movie's take-no-prisoners tagline: "Some battles need bullets. This one needs tanks."

This Gas Pump Malfunction May Be Costing You

'Pump Jump' can add a few cents or dollars to your fuel costs

A technical snafu, called the "Pump Jump," is costing consumers. It occurs when charges are left on a gas pump, costing consumers money before they even start filling up their car.

ABC: Thousands of rejected/condemned gas pumps in use, could cost you $$$

Most of us likely assume that the gas pump that is providing petrol is giving you the fuel that you pay for – no more or less. While that may be true in most cases, ABC News in Baltimore, Maryland proves that sometimes pumps do bad things to good people.

Speed's new show Pumped! is like Cash Cab at the gas station

Believe it or not, we cherish our time at the gas pump. Topping off the tank is a good excuse to step outside for a moment and let our minds wander for a spell. It's a little slice of meditation we've been practicing since before we could legally drive, so the thought of being dragged into an impromptu game show while at the local gas station is enough to turn your author's stomach. That's premise behind the new reality show Pumped! on Spe

Fight fires with your BMW R1200GS, sorta

German company Rosenbauer has found a novel use for the two-cylinder boxer engine found in the BMW R1200GS. The company has used the engine to power a water pump for use by fire departments in areas where traditional fire trucks can't reach.

Fuel Pump of the Future - AutoblogGreen FEATURE

Ray Holan of AutoblogGreen took a field trip to a new gas station in Oberlin, OH where the fuel pump of the future is about to be