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AltCar 2008: Transforming Transit Symposium says hell yeah to buses

The morning discussion session at the AltCar Expo here in Santa Monica today focused not on a car at all, but the Big Blue Bus. This iconic ride is Santa Monica's most visible public transportation option and is currently undergoing some conceptual redesigns. A panel of people with an interest in improving public transportation sat down for

Altcar 2008: Big Blue Buses of the future unveiled

Three new and radical bus concepts were unveiled in Santa Monica this morning as part of the third annual AltCar Expo. The bus of the future contest is an exercise in what's possible down the road, but it's also very timely: public transportation ridership in Santa Monica is up seven percent compared to last year.

Can't stop new public transportation expansions in Philly

The southeastern Pennsylvania area is about to get a whole heap of fresh public transportation options. SEPTA, the local transportation authority, announced this week that it will expand or enhance 65 "transportation options" in the coming months, with most of these changes happening in September and October. This will be the largest expansion of "public transportation service" in SEPTA's history. You can probably guess why the expansions are coming: people are moving to public transportation in

Today is Dump the Pump day in the U.S.

What does June 19 mean to you? For some, it means the third annual "Dump The Pump" day. Considering that I find myself in Philadelphia today, it caught my eye that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is one of the more than 100 systems participating in the effort to encourage people to take public transportation instead of the car. Considering, too, that I'm in Philly without a car and need to get over to Camden, NJ in a little while, I think I will avail myself of the buses a

Carsharing, yes; owning, no - An AutoblogGreen writer's story

I need to replace my car. But, I have decided, more exactly, that I'm going carless. I currently have a car which has served me good. My late-1998 Seat Ibiza TDI Hit has reached 200,000 km on the odometer. The car has been a constant source of satisfaction. Since the TDi engines appeared in Audi in 1989, they have delivered excellent mileage, emissions and reliability. Most of the diesel craze that Europeans live in is a direct influence of that technology. However, after 9 years of good service

Google Transit opens, officially

For the last year or so, Google has been offering a public transportation information service called Google Transit. As we've said before, this is a slick idea that will not only help you plan your trip by bus or rail (in select areas), but will also give you a bit of a cost comparison between riding and driving. Now, you no longer need to go to Google Transit for this information, as it's been officially opened and is nicely integrated with the more p