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Rumormill: Cadillac Volt coming to Detroit?

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Cadillac CTS wagon coming in 2009, production Provoq in 2010

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GM considers sharing E-Flex among brands, sky is blue

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CES 2008: Cadillac Provoq concept debuts during Wagoner keynote!

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Pics Aplenty: Cadillac Provoq Live Reveal

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"Petroleum-free" Cadillac Provoq will be unveiled at CES tomorrow

What does it mean to Provoq if you're Caddilac? We'll find out the details sometime in the next 24 hours, but GM released a statement today (available after the jump) saying that the Provoq concept will be "a vision for a petroleum-free future of luxury transportation." I guess that leaves us with two options: battery-only or hydrogen fuel cell. My money's on fuel cell, and we can guess that this is some Caddy evolution of the E-Flex platform (there have been Sebastian Blanco

CES 2008: Wagoner to unveil Cadillac Provoq Concept tomorrow

In addition to announcing that General Motors plans to have invest heavily on research of driverless vehicle technology in the coming decade, GM CEO Rick Wagoner will also debut a concept vehicle tomorrow at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas called the Cadillac Provoq. While very few details were released, GM says that the Provoq will be "free from petroleum fuel and emissions." That means the Provoq could be either an all-electric vehicle or possibly another variant of the automaker's