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For those of you that weren't around to witness Mitsubishi's theatrical reveal of the Lancer on January 8th, the webcast from lancerproject.com has been posted on YouTube.

Mitsubishi has to items on the menu for the 2007 North American International Auto Show: the unveiing of the all-new Lancer and the debut of the Prototype X Concept that will preview for us the look of the next generation EVO sedan. We'll be on hand, of course, to watch the unveiling live, but you can too thanks to a handy webcast Mitsubishi is setting up for fans of the Lancer worldwide. If you visit www.lancerproject.com, you'll have to sit through about three minutes of a contrived intro deve

The plebeian versions of the Lancer sedan were unveiled to us earlier this week, but the base DE, ES and mildly sporty GTS models are not the versions in which we are particularly interested. That model would be the legendary EVO, and while we're still not privy to its production version yet, Mitsubishi will be bringing this Prototype X Concept to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to wet our appetites. It looks hot and not at all unlike the various EVO-inspired concepts Mitsu