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Melissa McCarthy sent fleeing in the Kia Niro Super Bowl teaser

Some people refuse to join the hybrid bandwagon.

The Kia Niro will leave you breathless.

Hyundai pits 2013 Genesis Coupe against... an archer?

In a surprise move, the 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe has shaken up its segment by adding an arrow to its competitive set – that's right, as in "Bow and...". Trying to answer the question of whether the 348-horsepower two-door can go faster than a bow-powered arrow, the company put an archer and bulls-eye in one lane of a runway and a Genesis Coupe in the other.

Top Gear teases series 18

Just when we were starting to think that there is nothing on television worth watching, we get our first look at Top Gear series 18. Beyond the jump is a 30 second teaser of the upcoming season, with a glimpse at more episodes filled with Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

VIDEO: New M3 promo surfaces

Oh sweet, sweet BMW M3, how we dream of thee. With 420 horsepower, an abundance of carbon fiber, and brakes that could stop a stampede, the M3 represents the pinnacle of luxury sport coupes. Every time we force the M3 to the back of our minds, yet another story or video pops up to remind just how much we want this machine.