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REPORT: Fiat surprised by Chrysler's condition, new business plan coming in November

Bad news travels fast. That old adage was first coined hundreds of years before the Internet, and we'd say the phrase holds more true than ever in the age of Twitter, Facebook and, well, Autoblog. We're but one of many car sites that have mentioned the dearth of new product coming out of Auburn Hills, Michigan over the next couple years, but someone forgot to tell Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne. The Pentastar's n

Porsche studio wins iF Product Design Award

Porsche fanatics recognize the German sportscars for their engineering, less so for their design, which changes very little from one successive model to another. The company's merchandising design studio, however, is being recognized for its design prowess with another iF Product Design Award.

Autoblog Podcast #74

We've managed to get some sense of a normal schedule back for the podcasts, and here's number 74. Within, we discuss Ford Sync's newly announced price tag, whether it's worth it and what type of "Easter egg" features may be lurking. In other news, JD Power recently announced that Buick had tied Lexus for the top spot in the Dan Roth

Ford's $80 million marketing blitz for the Edge: Will it work?

Ford will be spending $80 million dollars on a marketing blitz to educate the public on its new Edge CUV. Now we all know how important the Edge is to Ford's fortunes, so a monster marketing budget isn't a big surprise. A large portion of the monies will go to MSN.com, which is setting up the URL ideasfromtheedge.msn.com to host a website community that alerts visitors to events in 25 cities that will promote the Edge. In the deal, MSN.com is reportedly guaranteeing an undisclosed amount of traf