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US DOJ uncovers proof of wrongdoing in VW diesel case

Justice Department and VW holding settlement talks.

Things just keep getting worse for VW.

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Do automotive safety defect investigations often stay hidden?

USA Today is accusing the the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of conducting safety probes out of the view of the public. Reporter Jayne O'Donnell highlights a number of recalls that stemmed from months of investigations that went on without informing consumers of potential safety issues first. Specifically, the article points to a new spate of tire failures on certain Zach Bowman

NHTSA Expands Probe Into Jeeps Catching Fire

More than 5 million face potential recall

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has expanded a probe into more than 5 million Jeep vehicles for a possible faulty gas tank that can catch fire after an accident.

2010 Ford Fusion safety investigation opened by NHTSA

The 2010 Ford Fusion is the subject of a preliminary investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Problems and complaints that would have been mere blips on the radar in the past are now cause for further scrutiny, and four complaints against the 2010 Fusion, three from the same fleet, have sparked interest.

Officials in corruption probe raid Hyundai's Seoul HQ

South Korean officials descended upon Hyundai's headquarters, carting off around 100 boxes of data from the companies southern Seoul offices. The move came as the latest development in a corruption probe surrounding a prominent business lobbyist.