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Automotive News sat down with Kazuo Okamoto, Toyota's executive vice president of R&D, in Geneva to discuss the Prius and the automaker's future hybrid offerings. While the interview was short on details, when AN asked whether or not the Prius could spawn its own brand based on the popularity of the hybrid sedan, Okamoto responded in the typical parsed words of an exec talking to a reporter. "We are studying that, but I can't say what stage of the study we are in." Okamoto went on to say tha

Automotive News is reporting that a year or two after the next generation Toyota Prius hybrid debuts in 2009, a wagon variant will be introduced. Parly due to its success as a taxi vehicle, the next Prius is expected to grow in size to comfortably accommodate three adults in the back seat, while a wagon model is hoped to attract more commercial customers looking for a green delivery vehicle that may save on fuel costs. Both the first- and second-gen Priuses have been doing taxi duty for years no

Toyota, already the world leader in hybrid car sales, plans on increasing the number of Prius models in an effort to reach their ambitious goal of selling 1 million hybrids within ten years. The new model will be a station wagon and will have a rear seat large enough to fit three adults. These changes are being made so that delivery and taxi fleets will have even more reason to choose the fuel-efficient alternative over other suitable models.