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This Is Our First Look Into The Next-Gen's Insides

The first good spy shots of the inside of the upcoming 2016 Toyota Prius show off a new infotainment screen, traditional driver cluster.

We have already garnered so many technical details regarding Toyota's next-generation Prius hybrid sedan that we are getting pretty antsy to see the vehicle in the flesh. Though it is still heavily camo'd, the first real spy pics of the green halo-car have been snapped, and we can definitely recognize the iconic windswept shape which has become a Prius hallmark. Not entirely visible are the roof-mounted solar cells which are rumored to make it into production. Although the new car will grow a bi

Ever see a car smile? It sure looks like that's what this redesigned Prius is doing testing out in Death Valley, as captured by KGP Photography and posted to Jalopnik. The vehicle as seen is not all that different from the current Prius model, just with a grinning grill and some changes to the headlights. Toyota is working on a redesigning the current model before the (delayed) next-generation Prius hits the streets.