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Toyota sold a bunch of Prius hybrids last month but now the company is offering $2,000 in discounts at the dealership. The move comes on the heels of fewer tax credits available to Prius shoppers. The discounts range from $600 to $2,000 for features such a navigation, hands-free mobile phone connection and rear-view cameras. Toyota earlier offered low-cost lease options and no-interest financing packages. The automaker is looking to boost Prius sales 64 percent this year with a goal of 175,000 u

Parts of this story make sense: now that the federal tax credits for the Prius have been reduced, customers aren't as eager to buy the world's most famous hybrid. To encourage shoppers, Toyota offered various incentives around the country – 3.9 percent financing options, monthly payments as low as $249, etc. – last month.