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Plug-in Conversions Corporation (PICC) is well known for its over-the-top Toyota Prius conversions. From its conversion kit that allows the Prius to scoot past 70 miles per hour under electric power alone to its tweaks that bestow the Prius with a boost in electric range, PICC has always found a way to breathe new life into the Prius hybrid. PICC founder Kim Adelman is constantly looking for ways to eke out more green performance from Toyota's iconic hybrid.

The French pro-EV association, Bientôt Electrique (which means "electric soon") is offering a kit, guaranteed for two-years, that converts a regular Toyota Prius into a plug-in hybrid. The kit can be obtained without a battery for €1,499. If you want to add to the Prius' standard battery, a 2 kW battery + kit is offered for €2,550 and the 4 kW battery + kit is €3,550. Bientôt Electrique will install it for €349. The battery is installed in the trunk and the two po

When Consumer Reports tested out the Hymotion L5 plug-in Toyota Prius conversion earlier this year, they weren't overwhelmed with the results. Sure, the mileage they observed was boosted to about 67 mpg over the first 35 miles of the drive, but that didn't match the claims of 100 mpg (or more) that Hymotion and A123 Systems make about their product.

The Plug-In Conversions Corporation (PICC), founded by Kim Adelman, was started 19 months ago in order to sell conversion kits to that gave a Prius a plug. PICC announced this week that the battery company Gold Peak Industries North America has acquired an equity stake in PICC and will give the fledgling company a broader reach. The new team will move to offer conversion kits wherever Gold Peak batteries are sold. PICC will offer kits for vehicles that are not called the Prius, as well. The pres