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Officials say the garage that houses the Prince of Wale's biodiesel Range Rover will get a blanket of artificial turf. The insulation is needed to keep the car warm so the biodiesel fuel doesn't get thick and lumpy on cold nights. Apparently the Range Rover Prince Charles drives, or is driven in, runs on 100 percent biodiesel, no B5 or anything like that. Officials also say he may convert other vehicles in the future (his official Jaguar is already converted) and he is active in making the entir

Traditionally, before Colin Chapman introduced a Lotus 49 in colors of Gold Leaf Tobacco, racing cars were painted in colors based on the home country of the team running them. German racers were silver, Italian red, French blue and of course cars from the British Isles were always the legendary British Racing Green. Now the Jaguars and Land Rovers that ferry the future king of England (if he manages to out-live his mother, that is) will represent a new breed of green.