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Prices of used VW diesels starting to drop in some areas

Not So Much In Europe Or UK

US VW diesel prices start to fall as Americans become wary of emissions scandal.

U.S. farmers say government should rethink ethanol policy during drought

There's one more reason why a higher ethanol-blend requirement is a hot-button issue: drought.

Advanced vehicle battery costs dropped 14% in the past year; down 30% since 2009

Electric-vehicle lithium-ion battery-pack costs fell 14 percent during the past year and are down 30 percent from three years ago because of technological improvements and increased production capacity, Bloomberg News reports, citing a study from its sister entity Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

U.S. plug-in vehicle interest driven down by high pricetags

Americans showing interest in buying an electric-drive vehicle has fallen about 17 percent during the past two years, as car buyers say the continued premium charged for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles doesn't offset the effect of lower refueling costs, according to green-technology research firm Pike Research.

BMW sets price on new 5-er; says no price too high for independence

2011 BMW 5 Series – Click above for high-res image gallery

VW Touareg V6 TDI price: $42,800

A gent named Chris at VW of Langhorne, Pennsylvania, just received the order guide for the Touareg V6 TDI, and the numbers reveal that it will arrive on our shores in January with a base price of $42,800, or $43,490 with the destination charge. That base price is $3,500 more than the Touareg V6 FSI, money that will get you slightly less horsepower but about 150 lb-ft. more torque and about 4.5 more mpg. Options include the Luxury Package for $2,700, Tech Package for $3,350, and Luxury Plus for $

India increases fuel prices by 10 percent

India has announced that fuel prices are going to be raised by 10 percent. The state-owned oil companies had no other option but adapt pump prices in response to the increase of crude oil prices in international markets. According to an article in Autoplus, gas stations in New Dehli were selling gasoline at 45.52 rupee and diesel at 31.76 per liter. That's about $1 and $0.75 (U.S.) per liter, respectively. Unlike Europe an

2008 CTS will start at $32,245

Although leaked pricing information isn't the most compelling of posts, those of you that have been salivating over the new Cadillac CTS can start arranging your budget accordingly. A forum member over at Cheers and Gears acquired a full breakdown of the '08 CTS' pricing, and aside from the options, a few things deserve note.

Officially official: Chrysler prices Sebring convertible

Earlier in the month, Kicking Tires got some advanced knowledge of what it would take to get you into Chrysler's newest drop top, the Sebring Convertible. At the time, the only information we had was for the stripped four banger, plus both the base and the optioned up V6 models. Those early estimates were close, but now we've got the real figures.

Gas to hit $3 a gallon again?

How much is filling up going to cost you this Summer?

JD Power on high gas prices and auto consumers

It seems like all summer as we watched gas prices rise, we also saw countless reports on how American auto consumers were moving towards more fuel-efficient vehicles. J.D. Power and Associates has another report to add to the list called the 2006 Escaped Shopper Study with a few more insights.

2006 may be remembered as highest ethanol prices, demand

As we've been reporting, demand for ethanol has been extremely high this year. The cause is not just due to consumer demand but government mandates to double the ethanol supply by 2015 and to replace MTBE, a petroleum additive. According to analyst Tom Kloza, the demand adds as much as 30 cents per gallon of gasoline.