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Volkswagen is making money hand over fist right now thanks to cost cutting measures and increased global sales, and the German automaker wants to keep the good times rolling. High commodity prices for items like steel, aluminum and rubber are beginning to eat away at VW's cash horde, so the German automaker may hike the prices of its vehicles. VW marketing chief Detlef Wittig told reporters that he feels automakers are afraid to raise prices in such a competitive sales environment, and that the

While high gas prices have had less of an effect on Japanese automakers than their American counterparts, the soaring price of commodities like steel have stung just as badly. Toyota is considering raising the prices of its vehicles in response to those higher commodity prices, at least in its home market. The Toyota elite will make a decision after pouring over April-June sales data and 2nd quarter production costs. The news comes only days after Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn suggested that Nissan wo

Ford Motor company has bumped the prices of its domestic vehicles by an average of $198 fleet-wide, bringing the overall model year increase to $502 per car, truck, van, and utility vehicle. The only vehicles not effected by the latest increase are the Lincoln Town Car, the E-Series vans, and the soon to be defunct Lincoln Mark LT. While half a grand sounds like a lot of money, it only represents a 1.8-percent increase over last year's overall costs, which is a full percentage point less than th