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Zenn Motor Company, the former purveyor of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV), and Eestor, the eternal purveyor of promises of a supercapacitor-based energy storage unit, have managed to defy at least one of the predictions hurled their way. The two intertwined companies have survived.

Hybrid Technologies, in a bid to gain respect and credibility, has announced today that they will lend its LiV™ FLASH (a converted BMW Mini Cooper) to one Mr.Alan Thicke, Emmy and Golden Globe nominee and star of '80s sitcom "Growing Pains". About the deal, the Canadian-born actor is said to have stated, "As a Baby Boomer Consumer, I've been part of the problem so now it's time to be part of the solution. Hybrid Technologies allows me to cut back on emissions and eliminate fuel costs witho

For a company that purports to be in the business of zero emission vehicles, Zap sure generates a lot of vapor. The Santa Rosa CA based purveyor of electric vehicle press releases and Chinese-built battery-powered three wheelers has announced that they are going to make an announcement. At the company's annual meeting on July 29th, CEO Steve Schneider will be unveiling plans for another electric car in addition to the Zap-X.