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digg_url = 'http://digg.com/politics/EXCLUSIVE_VIDEO_President_Bush_flip_flops_on_oil_tax_breaks'; This morning in a press conference, President Bush was asked about statements he made on tax breaks for oil companies (see video below the fold). Yesterday, in support of the Energy tax bill (which the President threatened veto), Rep. Steny Hoyer quoted Bush as having said that oil companies do not need incentives when oil is at $55 a barrel (again, see video below). Bush says he talked about ta

It's not exactly been a good year for the president of the U.S. The tail end of a presidency is rarely easy, but this time it's been a real clusterfudge. Thus far, the strongest criticism I've heard about where Bush is at in the national mind came from the right-wing supporter Tony Blankley on Left, Right and Center, where he said that this is the first time in all his decades in Washington, DC where in the week leading up to the SOTU speech, so very few folks are guessing what the president wil

The EPA head denied California a waiver to regulate tailpipe emissions and used the recently passed CAFE standard as an excuse. President Bush took questions today at a press conference and it looks like he is using the same excuse. Here is a part of his response to the question on the waiver, which you can read in full below the fold:

The Congress finally passed the energy bill today, which includes a 35 miles per gallon CAFE standard and the White House says Bush will sign it Wednesday. Even though Bush threatened to veto the bill several times and he still thinks the CAFE standard could have gone "farther and faster," he's on board now. Go figure. Anyway, here is exactly what press secretary Dana Perino said: