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VIDEO: President Bush flip flops on oil company tax breaks, unaware of $4/gallon gas predictions

digg_url = 'http://digg.com/politics/EXCLUSIVE_VIDEO_President_Bush_flip_flops_on_oil_tax_breaks'; This morning in a press conference, President Bush was asked about statements he made on tax breaks for oil companies (see video below the fold). Yesterday, in Lascelles Linton

President Bush explains why EPA denied California's waiver to regulate tailpipe emissions

The EPA head denied California a waiver to regulate tailpipe emissions and used the recently passed CAFE standard as an excuse. President Bush took questions today at a press conference and it looks li

White House: Bush to sign energy bill Wednesday

The Congress finally passed the energy bill today, which includes a 35 miles per gallon CAFE standard and the White House says Bush will sign it Wednesday. Even though Bush threatened to veto the bill several times and h