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Ferrari tells the story of the Prancing Horse

Some automakers' logos are fairly straightforward, while some have a bit of a story to them. But few are as legendary as the Prancing Horse that has become synonymous with Ferrari.

Ferrari's Prancing Horse voted most iconic badge [w/POLL]

The people have spoken. (Well, the British anyway. But they're people, too). And according to a public opinion survey, Ferrari has the most iconic badge among exotic automakers.

Ferrari tests the direct injection waters

There are many who question whether or not small-volume or high-performance manufacturers should be held to the same emissions and fuel economy regulations as the larger automakers. Ferrari qualifies as both a small-volume (though getting larger) and a (very) high performance company. Indeed, the Italian maker of sports and racing cars is quite concerned with legislation which could make it impossible to sell their current line of vehicles, and they are Jeremy Korzeniewski