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It must be slightly frustrating buying a new Porsche 911 these days, because there always seems to be something newer and better coming around the corner. Buy a new Carrera, and within a couple of months there's a new Turbo or GT3 you want more. Wait for the Turbo or GT3 and there's a new GT2 coming out. Wait for the GT2 and already it's outdated because there's a new generation of 911 in the pipeline. And here it is.

The next Porsche 911, the 998, is doing the rounds on German public roads. By the looks of it, the headlights are more vertical than the current model, and based on what's covered, the front and rear bumpers and valances will see the majority of the work. Intriguingly, the side mirrors on the car are from the 993, which we imagine are for testing purposes only. If the lower rear valance is any indication, the exhaust outlets could come in for revision, as well.

Do not adjust your screens. You are not looking at the next generation Porsche 911 Type 998, as some around the web have erroneously speculated. A tip sent into our sister-blog, Autoblog Spanish, reveals the origin of this sketch, which is part of the online portfolio of conceptual designer Tommy Forsgren. His website actually has sketches of German cars from every ilk: Porsches, BMWs, Mercedes-Benz and even Volkswagen. Perhaps that's because Forsgren currently lives and works in Munich, Germany