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Another Porsche 914 gets the plug-in treatment

Back in the early 1970s when Volkswagen and Porsche collaborated to create the 914 sports car it's unlikely that either company imagined that the little roadster would someday become a popular platform for electric drive conversions. Nonetheless after reporting on a 914 battery conversion by a group of MIT students and their professor last summer, we now have found out about two more such tear-ups. Ross Cunniff

LA 2007 Preview: Are there really any new ideas? 1900 Porsche EV!

In the last couple of years, green car enthusiasts have gotten all hot and bothered by the idea of cars like the Tesla Roadster, Zap-X and Chevrolet Volt. And while these cars and others seem incredibly innovative today, in reality they all have roots in cars built over a century ago by one of the true innovators in the history of the automobile, Ferdinand Porsche.