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Porsche FTW - London scraps 25 congestion charge

The battle over a proposed £25 Congestion Charge increase that would have been socked to big, dirty vehicles entering London is over. Porsche was the lead opponent of this fee increase, and announced the win on its Judicial Review website. I guess Porsche's huge PR campaign worked. Back when Ken Livingstone,

Porsche formally applies for judicial review in London C-charge scuffle

In the ongoing fight between Porsche and Transport for London over the increased emissions charges in that city (previous stories - in chronological order - here, here, Sebastian Blanco

Porsche gets detailed in attack on London's congestion charge

Once the new London congestion charges were officially announced earlier this month, Sebastian Blanco

London officials respond to Porsche's lawsuit threat

Following Porshce's threat to start a legal process against the City of London for the city's upcoming increase in the congestion charge, a spokesperson for Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, has Sebastian Blanco

Porshce's lightweight technology eyed by VW and Audi

The lightweight technology in Porsche's upcoming Panamera is being coveted by Volkswagen. Porsche Chief Designer Wolfgang Dürheimer told Automobilwoche that VW and Audi made it clear that they are interested in using the new materials for their own vehicles once Porsche became a significant VW shareholder. Since VW also has technologies that Porsche might want and the two have co-developed a hybri