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Porsche spent billions in an effort to purchase as many Volkswagen shares as possible from 2006 to 2008. But eventually the luxury sports car maker's debt became so overwhelming that it was Volkswagen that ended up in position to snap up it's fellow German automaker. On the surface, that's the end of the story, but Viking Global Investors claims that the tale is a lot more complicated. Business Week reports that the New York-based investment company is suing Porsche for misleading investors to "

Porsche has clearly gotten itself in way too deep in its attempt to take over control of Volkswagen, and now it's scrambling to find a way to relieve some of its crushing debt load. In addition to the possible €5 billion investment (nearly $7 billion USD) from Qatar, Reuters is reporting that Porsche's board is going to consider selling part of its car business to Volkswagen. VW AG has proposed a full merger, a plan that Porsche is resisting. Instead, it could sell them a 49% stake in Porsc