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TAS 2011: 370Z to Porsche Panamera Convertible conversion

If you wanted to create a Porsche Panamera drop-top, where would you start? Perhaps with a Panamera sedan or something else from the Porsche stable? Or at least something that hails from Germany?

Autoblog Podcast #170 - The Hooniverse Visits

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REPORT: Porsche Panamera Convertible is coming soon

According to a recent report, Porsche will produce a Panamera Convertible. Now, it's not the hoped for four-door convertible. Rather, in the interest of keeping some semblance of chassis rigidity, Porsche is going with a two-door, four-seat convertible. Two doors will also help to keep the weight (ha ha) down. Besides the fact that lots of folks like convertibles, why is Porsche building this car? "We have a broad range of 14 derivatives of the 911 that are very successful," development chief Wo

Rumormill: Porsche could create Panamera convertible?

2010 Porsche Panamera - Click above for a high-res image gallery