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Porsche will replace Boxster and Cayman with a new model line to be offered with a boxer four-cylinder engine, launching in mid-2016 and confirmed to be coming to America.


Recent rumors of a turbocharged, flat-four-engine from Porsche for the Boxster (pictured testing above), Cayman and maybe other models go back over a year. The latest scuttlebutt indicates that there could be three variants on the horizon with 1.6-, 2.0- and 2.5-liter displacements and power as high as 360 horsepower.

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Autocar reports that Porsche is hard at work on whipping up a new four-cylinder to power everything from the oft-rumored small Porsche as well as the Boxster, Cayman and potentially even the 911. While speaking at the Detroit Auto Show, Wolfgang Durheimer, the head of research and development for the automaker, said that Porsche was already slaving over the four-pot and that it could potentially be applied to models outside of the upcoming sub-Boxster model.

Porsche has had its ups and downs when creating cars without using six-cylinder engines. We'll leave the Cayenne and the upcoming Panamera out of the discussion for now, though those models are scheduled to get hybrid powertrains in addition to V6 and V8 power. Starting with its 356 model, along with its many racing variants, the automaker has amassed quite a history of successful boxer-style four-cylinder engines. That history book may well get a new chapter as the European Union continues to c