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The Million Dollar Porsches displayed at Luftgekühlt 6

Air-cooled engines take over the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood

Air-cooled engines take over the backlot of Universal Studios Hollywood.

Would you pay this much for a Porsche 959 that ran into a tree?

Don't worry, that'll buff right out

Don't worry, that'll buff right out.

Porsche to offer new 3D-printed parts for classic models

Try finding new parts for the Porsche 959.

Porsche also offers new and new old stock parts for sale.

Former Porsche CEO Peter Schutz dies at 87

He revived Porsche's fortunes — and saved the 911 — in the '80s.

He revived Porsche's fortunes — and saved the 911 — in the '80s.

Wandering the Chopard Heritage Tent at Rennsport Reunion V

On the second day of Porsche Rennsport Reunion V Autoblog wanders the Chopard Heritage Display for closer looks at some of the racing cars that made the brand's reputation.

The exotic '80s: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus and the Porsche 959

MotorWeek is looking back on some of the most famous supercars of the '80s in a video that shouldn't be missed. It features the Ferrari 328, Lamborghini Jalpa and Lotus Esprit Turbo, along with a look at the tech in the Porsche 959.

Porsche's 959 is still poster-worthy after all these years

Today, we have the Porsche 918 Spyder. Before that, there was the Carrera GT. While both of those cars are dramatic departures from the traditional, rear-engine Porsche formula, they owe their very existence to another wild child of the iconic German brand – the 959.

Porsche resurrects V8-powered 911 prototype from the Eighties

These days, we take it for granted that the Porsche 911 uses a flat-six engine. That's because every version of the iconic rear-engined sports car has had one. Right? Well, for the most part. There was the 912 that joined the original in the late Sixties with a flat-four. And in the mid-Eighties, Porsche toyed around with the idea of a V8-powered 911.

First Drive
2015 Porsche 918 Spyder [w/video]

Raising The Technological Bar, One Decade At A Time

"Do not pass the factory driver in the 911 Turbo S."

Porsche 959 Prototype started it all

While Porsche was unveiling the new Nürburgring-dominating 918 Spyder downstairs in Hall 3 here at the Frankfurt Messe, there was another Porsche supercar quietly and discretely on display upstairs in the same hall. That, of course, was the 959. But not just any 959: this was the original Gruppe B prototype.

eGarage video features Helmuth Bott's personal Porsche 959 prototype

"We thought we were going to build a super-911," said Peter Schutz, former CEO of Porsche AG of the development of the Porsche 959. That was before it started getting expensive. At that point, Helmuth Bott, Porsche R&D director got frightened. Costs ballooned because of the all-wheel drive, sequential turbocharging and other technology Porsche had never even thought about when it set out to build a 911 to compete in Group B. Schutz continued, "The amount of resources we were committing got t

Bill Gates' Porsche 959 to become enemy of the state

The "Show or Display" exemption that was enacted under Bill Clinton's tenure as president has been a godsend for collectors and enthusiasts who love certain European and Asian vehicles that were never officially certified for U.S. road use, cars like the McLaren F1, Bugatti EB110, Jaguar XJ220, Maserati MC12, Mercedes-Benz CLK-DTM and GTR, and the Porsche 959. These are incredible cars that were never designed for American roads, and in turn needed some official "help" to get to these shores.