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Forget the hybrid, Porsche rolled out the 911 GT3 racecar in Paris

Panamera who?

Porsche promises more power, with the same great dynamics.

PSA: Mark Webber can't text and drive and neither should you

Mark Webber and Porsche put out this public service announcement to highlight the dangers of texting and driving.

Watch Jeff Zwart drive his Porsche GT3 Cup Turbo at Pikes Peak in 4K

Jeff Zwart takes his fire-breathing Porsche GT3 Cup Turbo up Pikes Peak in this gorgeous 4K video. It's something that you absolutely must see.

15-year-old wins IMSA series in Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Professional racing drivers keep getting younger and younger. Every year, Formula One, for example, seems to crown a new record holder for the youngest race winner in grand prix history, and almost as often, a younger-than-ever world champion. But this story takes the cake.