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Will the 'passenger economy' come to pass?


Buick GN and GNX, Ford Fiesta ST and Ecoboost 1.0, GM looks for economy from new tire tech, PopSci Best of What's new 2012

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Physarum polycephalum, slime mold, makes map of U.S. – check out the videos after the jump

Looking back at the year that was, what struck your fancy? The editors at Popular Science have dug deep into the automotive world of technology and come up with their choices for the Best of What's New special section. Not surprisingly, green technology advancements make up a large portion of the mag's list, including Ford's upcoming line of EcoBoost engines, the Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen car, and Ford's capless fuel filler. Interestingly, though, the EcoBoost series of powerplants have yet to

What are the best innovations that the global automotive industry debuted in 2008? Popular Science has just picked its favorites and revealed the Best of What's New awards for the year that just was; um, is. The grand prize goes to the Nissan GT-R for its technical brilliance, astonishing performance and relatively attractive pricing. No real complaints there, though we'd be remiss if we didn't at least mention that the new Corvette ZR1 in the same breathe, which PopSci fails to do.

Are you somebody who is always tinkering with your car to get the best mileage possible? If so, you may just be a hypermiler, and should share you finding with the rest of us. In fact, why not share your tip with Popular Science, Instructables and Treehugger in their newest contest. Of course, we are most interested in how you green your car here at AutoblogGreen, but any green projects count for this contest. To see the official rules and all of that jazz, click here.

As we reported a month ago, Popular Science magazine gives out their Best of What's New awards every year to what they consider are top innovations of the year. The editors select the top 100 new technologies in 10 categories, out of the thousands of products they evaluate. This year they gave two automotive awards to Mercedes-Benz for their adaptive brake light system and BlueTec diesel emissions reduction system.

On a recent trip to Honda's research and development center in Utsunomia, Japan, Popular Science got an opportunity to conduct a 10-minute interview with Takeo Fukui, Honda's president and CEO, as well as take the FCX fuel cell concept car out for a spin.