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Former GM site in Pontiac to get track, car condos?

Michigan entrepreneur Brad Oleshansky, working with private partners and the RACER Trust, is planning to purchase the 80-acre parcel in Pontiac, MI that once housed four General Motors factories. Instead of the vacant lot there now, Oleshansky plans to build the M1 Concourse car country club that would have 338 car condominiums, a clubhouse, restaurant, events center and amphitheater and a one-mile test track. The RACER Trust was set up at the time of G

Two UAW officials sentenced to prison for strike-related extortion

Danny Douglas and Jay Campbell, have been sentenced to 18 months and 12 months plus one day, respectively, after being convicted of extortion. It seems the two former United Auto Workers officials agreed to end an 87-day strike at a GM plant in Pontiac, MI back in 1997 – but only after General Motors agreed to hire Campbell's son and the son of another UAW official for high-paying jobs they were eviden

Fisker sets up shop in Detroit

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