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He neglected both the "protect" and the "serve" part of his oath.

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Florida man gets caught, sees felony charges.

You gotta pay the toll, troll.

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Another tale of the cold, long arm of the law.

An officer with the Buffalo, NY Police Department is under investigation after a video surfaces showing him running down a suspect last Saturday with a police SUV.

A Wisconsin police officer saved the day when, instead of a ticket, he imparted an important life lesson on a speeding college student.

An alert, quick-thinking driver avoided a potentially dangerous situation this week in New Mexico when he evaded and attempted car jacking.

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This is patently cruel and unusual punishment.

And we thought Canadians were nice.

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The Grappler is a new method to de-escalate high-speed pursuits.

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An Arizona man unveiled an invention earlier this week that he believes will reduce the danger inherent in high-speed chases.


The LAPD is moving forward with the Model S as a police vehicle.

The LAPD is looking for a quicker electric car with more range. The Model S definitely fits the bill.

This cop was like a bridge over troubled water for a scared driver.


They come from the land down under, where Volkswagens roll and cops thunder.


Rear Spoiler Traffic Warning Lights now optional.

Available on 2017 Police Interceptor Utility models, spoiler-mounted rear lights are programable and can be set to red, blue, or amber.

Sideshows are not cool. Neither is attacking cops.


Three supercars were caught speeding in Colorado.

Going double the speed limit results in a hefty ticket and a court date.