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"Gol dang!" shouts a cop as she speeds away

A shoplifting call gone way wrong.

It apparently was a sarcastic joke that backfired

It apparently was a sarcastic joke that backfired.

Fortunately the car wasn't moving.

It isn't the first F-150 police vehicle ever, but it is the first one to achieve the same pursuit rating of other Ford police vehicles – including its Taurus- and Explorer-based Interceptors, and the new Fusion hybrid-based Police Responder Hybrid Sedan.

The latest incident to highlight Ohio's heroin epidemic.

A bad week for burning cars. A good week for Good Samaritans.

This is why we don't drink and drive, friends.

This is the Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan, the first pursuit-rated hybrid cruiser. Designed for efficient fuel savings and urban patrols.

Passengers say he used siren, flashing lights.

He's being charged with impersonating a police officer.

Slovakian company Bozena has created a new toy for the police department. Bozena Riot is an armored vehicle designed for use in riot control. Bozena Riot is large enough to protect 36 fully armored riot police.

Anyone want a great deal on a quarter-million-dollar SUV?

Too good to be true?

He neglected both the "protect" and the "serve" part of his oath.

Florida man gets caught, sees felony charges.

You gotta pay the toll, troll.

Another tale of the cold, long arm of the law.

An officer with the Buffalo, NY Police Department is under investigation after a video surfaces showing him running down a suspect last Saturday with a police SUV.

A Wisconsin police officer saved the day when, instead of a ticket, he imparted an important life lesson on a speeding college student.

An alert, quick-thinking driver avoided a potentially dangerous situation this week in New Mexico when he evaded and attempted car jacking.

This is patently cruel and unusual punishment.

And we thought Canadians were nice.

The Grappler is a new method to de-escalate high-speed pursuits.

An Arizona man unveiled an invention earlier this week that he believes will reduce the danger inherent in high-speed chases.

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