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'Need for Speed: Heat' hero Polestar 1 coming to life for SEMA

Sekrit Studios has 30 days to finish the angry, widebody hybrid

2020 Polestar 1 inches closer to production as new Chinese factory nears completion

Check out new photos of recently built Polestar 1 models

Check out new photos of recently built Polestar 1 models.

Watch as Polestar 1 moves closer to super coupe reality

Dynamic testing has begun for the Swedish performance plug-in

Dynamic testing has begun for the Swedish performance plug-in.

Watch the carbon-fiber-bodied Polestar 1 crash into a wall

Does it meet the Volvo's rigorous standards?

Does it meet the Volvo's rigorous standards?

Polestar 1 will get a carbon-fiber ‘dragonfly’ and other parts

It'll help save weight and add stiffness to the hybrid grand tourer

It'll help save weight and add stiffness to the hybrid grand tourer.

Polestar 1 prototype will run up the hill at Goodwood Festival of Speed

A camouflaged prototype will charge the hill

A camouflaged prototype will charge the hill.

Polestar 1 will start at $155,000 in the United States

Meanwhile, confusion persists over subscription versus ownership

From the Beijing Motor Show comes word of pricing for the forthcoming Polestar 1 plug-in hybrid, but there's more confusion on the question of whether the high-end coupe can truly be purchased, as opposed to being obtained solely through a subscription model.

Polestar 1 cuts loose with 600 hp in winter testing video

Here's the Polestar 1 doing some snowy road testing

Polestar's halo coupe, the shapely Polestar 1 is about to get its China debut at the Auto China show in Beijing next week, after its global presentation at the Geneva Motor Show last month. It arrives at the China show with greetings from snowy Sweden, as Polestar has released this test footage from the Swedish Arctic Circle.

Polestar 1 can now be configured, ordered with refundable $2,500 deposit

600-horsepower coupe is part of Volvo's new performance brand

The Polestar 1, the first vehicle from Volvo's new electrified performance brand, is finally available for pre-order. After debuting late last year, we got our first real glimpse of the sleek coupe at last week's Geneva Motor Show. Though production has been limited to just 1,500 units, more than 7,000 people expressed a real interest in the car. Orders can be placed with a fully-refundable $2,500 deposit.

Polestar 1 coupe production could increase to meet demand

1,500 cars was the plan, but 6,000 people quickly expressed interest

Deposits will start to be taken next week.

Volvo spinoff reveals first car in Geneva: How will Polestar find its way?

How it plans to navigate the car business as an elite subscription brand

The Polestar 1 is a four-seat, plug-in hybrid performance coupe with two electric motors and a twincharged four-cylinder that combine for 600 hp of all-wheel potency.

2020 Polestar 2 electric sedan priced at $50,000, other brand details announced

The midsize EV sedan will join Polestar 1 coupe and a Polestar 3 SUV

The Polestar 2 should be revealed by late 2019.

Polestar 1 order books open early 2018, dealers open mid-2019

America will be one of the first markets with dealers.

Only a limited number of countries are getting dealers to start.

Sunday Drive: Taking a gaze into the automotive crystal ball

Six cars, all coming for 2019, highlight the past week in automotive news.

Polestar 1 price targeted at $153,000 to $177,000

Though details on outright purchasing aren't yet sorted.

The 600-horsepower hybrid Polestar 1 has a targeted price of between $153,000 and $177,000. Still, a subscription model is being pushed by the company.

Polestar 1: Maybe you can buy one after all [UPDATE: Price may be as high as $177,000]

There are mixed messages about the exclusivity of Polestar's subscription service

The messages are mixed.

Polestar: How Volvo's EV performance brand will take on Tesla and AMG

Owners will never need to step foot in a Volvo dealership.

Owners will never need to step foot in a dealership.

Polestar 1 First Look | The 600 horsepower hybrid Scandinavian

Plus: Details on the next two Polestar models coming soon.

Don't call it a Volvo.

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